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Car Rental Agencies

Here is a list of the car rental companies. During the busy season, approximately December 15 through April 30, they will be very busy. Call ahead. Some companies will meet you at the Cruz Bay dock with the car.

The rates will be very similar from one agency to another for the same type of car, as everyone here knows everyone else.

Everything rented here will be 4-wheel drive for those moments on the hills and the dirt roads, or some steep driveways.

An alternative is to get a car on St. Thomas on your way to St. John, and take it on the car barge (about 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily). About $50 round trip, and you drive it on and off the barge yourself. Sometimes this will be cheaper, but you may not always get 4wd, so be careful. Also, some St. Thomas companies don't allow their cars to go to St. John. Ask first.

Car Rental Agencies

Best Car Rental 340-693-8177
C & C Car and Jeep Rental 340-693-8164
O'Connor Jeep Rental 340-776-6343
Conrad Sutton Car Rental 340-776-6479
Cool Breeze Car Rental 340-776-6588
Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental 340-776-6650
Delbert Hill Jeep Rentals 340-776-6637
Denzil Clyne Car Rental 340-776-6715
Hertz 340-693-7580
Hospitality Car and Jeep Rentals 340-693-9160
L & L Jeep Rental, Inc. 340-776-1120
Paris Car Rental 340-776-6171
St. John Car Rental, Inc. 340-776-6103
Spencer Jeep Rental 340-776-6628
Varlack Car Rental 340-776-6695

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