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Cruz Bay
99 Bedroom(s), 99 Bath(s)

St. John Cruz Bay Villas -- St. John Cruz Bay Cottages

Following is a list of St. John Cruz Bay villas and St. John Cruz Bay cottages.

Cruz Bay villas and Cruz Bay cottages include Aqua Bay Villas, Argonauta, Bananaquit, Calicaribe, Caneel Trailside Cottage, Caribsurf, Captain's View, Coconut Coast, Cruz Bay Cottage, Far Horizons, Garden By The Sea, Ginger Thomas, Harbor View, Hillcrest Guest House, Palmy Daze, Perelandra, Sea Cruz, Star Villas, Tropical Blessings, Villa Soleil, Villa Tamarindo, Villa Venturoso, Waterklip, Ylang Ylang.

Pillsbury Sound looking West, from the deck of Argonauta.

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1-Bedroom Cruz Bay Cottages and Villas

Aqua Bay Villas -- 4 Large Villa Suites, Pool
Go to Aqua Bay Villas

Bananaquit -- Apartment
Go to Bananaquit

Caribsurf -- Efficiency, Close to Waterfront
Go to Caribsurf

Coconut Coast -- 9-Unit Condominium, Waterfront, Pool, Jacuzzi
Go to Coconut Coast

Cruz Bay Cottage -- Cottage. Sunset views.
Go to Cruz Bay Cottage

Far Horizons -- Pool
Go to Far Horizons

Garden By The Sea -- B+B, 3 Choices
Go to Garden By The Sea

Harbor View -- Apartment, Pool
Go to Harbor View

Hillcrest Guest House -- 6 Choices, Sleeps 1-4.
Go to Hillcrest Guest House

Star Villas -- 6 Choices
Go to Star Villas

2-Bedroom Cruz Bay Cottages and Villas

Caneel Trailside Cottage -- Pool
Go to Caneel Trailside Cottage

Captain's View -- Pool
Go to Captain's View

Coconut Coast -- 9-Unit Condominium, Waterfront, Pool, Jacuzzi
Go to Coconut Coast

Far Horizons -- Pool
Go to Far Horizons

Ginger Thomas -- Pool
Go to Ginger Thomas

Palmy Daze -- Condo at Pastory Gardens. Pool.
Go to Palmy Daze

Perelandra -- Pool
Go to Perelandra

SeaCruz -- Pool
Go to SeaCruz

Star Villas -- 3 Choices, Pool
Go to Star Villas

Villa Soleil -- At Villa Caribe, 5-Unit Condominium, Pool
Go to Villa Soleil

Villa Tamarindo -- Pool
Go to Villa Tamarindo

Waterklip -- Pool
Go to Waterklip

Ylang Ylang -- Pool
Go to Ylang Ylang

3-Bedroom Cruz Bay Villas

Calicaribe -- Pool
Go to Calicaribe

Coconut Coast -- 9-Unit Condominium, Waterfront, Pool, Jacuzzi
Go to Coconut Coast

Tropical Blessings -- 6-Unit Condominium, Pool, Central A/C
Go to Tropical Blessings

4-Bedroom Cruz Bay Villas

Argonauta -- Pool
Go to Argonauta

Villa Venturoso -- Pool
Go to Villa Venturoso
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