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St. John Wedding and St. John Honeymoons -- Getting Married on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. John is a terrific place for a wedding or honeymoon, and St. John Villa Rental can help with weddings of any size.

St. John Villa Rental will help you with villas for your entire wedding party. We have a large selection of villa rentals in all sections of St. John, from moderate to ultra luxury. Enjoy your St. John honeymoon villa. 1-bedroom honeymoon cottages up to multiple villas for the entire wedding party.

St. John Honeymoon Villas -- St. John Honeymoon Cottages

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Information about St. John Weddings

Are you thinking of getting married on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands? Congratulations. Many happy couples do this. In fact, the several St. John wedding officiates and wedding planners are always very busy. Your St. John Wedding can be outdoors on a beach or a boat. You can be indoors in a church, or in a luxury villa. Any size ceremony. Two people to hundreds. Up to you. St. John can accommodate you.

Here are some tips: First, a wedding on St. John is legal and is recognized in the US since St. John is part of the US. If you plan ahead, all of the paper work and marriage application can be done by mail prior to your arrival in the Virgin Islands. Send a certified check or money order made out to the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands for the Application Fee of $50 and License Fee of $50. (Note: fees may change.) There is no residency requirement -you can reside in the states or in a foreign country - but you do need to have your application for a license in the court 8 working days prior to your wedding date. the wedding date.

If you plan to arrive in the Virgin Islands any day Monday through Friday, you can stop at the court after you arrive on St Thomas. The court is open from 8-5 weekdays and from 10-12 noon on Saturday. (Note: times may change.) Tell the taxi driver at the airport this is what you want to do, and you will be driven to the court. Once you submit your documents to the court with your marriage application -- express mail is best -- call them prior to your arrival to ensure they have received the application. The ladies at the court are efficient and have successfully processed many applications.

Send an inquiry to St. John Villa Rental, and we'll help you. We know all the officiants and will recommend one that we know you will like.


Information about St. John Weddings
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