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U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, St. John

St. John Villa Rental is located on St. John, which has been kept pristine largely because it is mostly National Park. The Virgin Islands National Park, renowned throughout the world for its breathtaking beauty, covers approximately 3/5 of St. John, and nearly all of Hassel Island in the Charlotte Amalie harbor on St. Thomas. Within its borders lie protected bays of crystal blue-green waters teeming with coral reef life, white sandy beaches shaded by seagrape trees, coconut palms, and tropical forests providing habitat for over 800 species of plants. To these amazing natural resources, add relics from the Pre-Colombian Amerindian Civilization, remains of the Danish Colonial Sugar Plantations, and reminders of African Slavery and the Subsistence Culture that followed during the 100 years after Emancipation - all part of the rich cultural history of the Park and its island home.

While Annaberg and Trunk Bay are the most frequently-visited park sites, the Virgin Islands National Park's diverse beaches, coral reefs, historic ruins, and hiking trails provide endless hours of exploration and enjoyment, as well as inspiration and opportunities for solitude and reflection. Visitors enjoy a variety of activities on the land and in the water, including swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving; sailing, kayaking and windsurfing; and camping, hiking and bird watching. Visitors can enjoy the crystal blue waters on a charter day-sail or boat snorkeling tour, which are offered by private operators and can be booked in Cruz Bay and Coral Bay. Some visitors explore the park on their own, while others prefer a two-hour safari bus island tour with a private tour guide.

To learn more about the island and its diverse plants, animals and people, you can attend a Park program. More information is available at the National Park headquarters in Cruz Bay.

For information on the ongoing archeological research at Cinnamon Bay, visit the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park website.

The above information is from the Virgin Islands National Park Website

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